Word Problems for Multiplying Fractions By Whole Numbers

*This post contains affiliated links One of my favorite teaching positions in the public school was my time spent as a math coach. I thoroughly enjoyed having the time to really research the math we were learning and finding creative ways for us to teach them. One goal we took on, was to keep a math journal.… Continue reading Word Problems for Multiplying Fractions By Whole Numbers

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Bingo For Numbers 21 – 50

Everything Early ChildhoodMy four year old loves Batman, Paw Patrol, Karate, and bike riding. He is a sweet, tenderhearted little guy, and like most four year old boys would rather be up playing than sitting. He learns totally different than his mathematical and analytical minded 18 month older brother. I have to be intentional about… Continue reading Bingo For Numbers 21 – 50


Caterpillar Number Work

Has it started to feel like spring in your area?? This week our weather has been warm, sunny, with a chance of green showers. Once spring hits a thin layer of green pollen covers EVERYTHING, and our excitement over sunshine is often diminished as everyone deals with red itchy eyes and runny noses. Despite all that… Continue reading Caterpillar Number Work


Equivalent Fractions With Pattern Blocks

*This post contains affiliated links Our fun with fractions is continuing this week. My boys are young (4 and 6), so my only goal for them is to understand that a fraction is equal parts, and that the numerator tells them how many parts or groups they have or in some cases don’t have. Though that is what I… Continue reading Equivalent Fractions With Pattern Blocks


Oh No, Fraction Man

*This post contains affiliated links Have you ever played the game Old Maid? My mom found this game at a garage sale, and the boys have enjoyed playing it. As I watched them play this game, I couldn’t help but think how fun this game would be to review equivalent fractions. The concept is very… Continue reading Oh No, Fraction Man


Interactive Fraction Book

*This post contains affiliated links For the last few days we have played with food, and worked on our fraction of the day printable. We have also played with pattern blocks as I’ve tried to provide a wide variety of exposure to fractions. (Check back later for posts related to this!!!) Yesterday, we made a… Continue reading Interactive Fraction Book


Five Foods to Teach Fractions

It is finally time for one of my favorite math units!! Fractions!!! Last week we kicked off our unit with food. My boys love to eat, and if we get to have a snack while we learn I’m super mom…at least for a few minutes. There are many food that are already divided into equal… Continue reading Five Foods to Teach Fractions