Equivalent Fractions With Pattern Blocks

*This post contains affiliated links Our fun with fractions is continuing this week. My boys are young (4 and 6), so my only goal for them is to understand that a fraction is equal parts, and that the numerator tells them how many parts or groups they have or in some cases don’t have. Though that is what I… Continue reading Equivalent Fractions With Pattern Blocks


Oh No, Fraction Man

*This post contains affiliated links Have you ever played the game Old Maid? My mom found this game at a garage sale, and the boys have enjoyed playing it. As I watched them play this game, I couldn’t help but think how fun this game would be to review equivalent fractions. The concept is very… Continue reading Oh No, Fraction Man


Interactive Fraction Book

*This post contains affiliated links For the last few days we have played with food, and worked on our fraction of the day printable. We have also played with pattern blocks as I’ve tried to provide a wide variety of exposure to fractions. (Check back later for posts related to this!!!) Yesterday, we made a… Continue reading Interactive Fraction Book


Five Foods to Teach Fractions

It is finally time for one of my favorite math units!! Fractions!!! Last week we kicked off our unit with food. My boys love to eat, and if we get to have a snack while we learn I’m super mom…at least for a few minutes. There are many food that are already divided into equal… Continue reading Five Foods to Teach Fractions


Game For -am and -ame Words!!!

*This post contains affiliated links I have to confess that I have not loved our word study time. Except for the year that I had the twins, I’ve taught upper elementary. So with the exception of the year that I was totally uncomfortable and then incredibly sleep deprived and walking around in a fog (in other words… Continue reading Game For -am and -ame Words!!!


Division of Whole Numbers Leading to Answers with Fractions

  *This post contains affiliated links 2 ÷ 3 No, you did not read that wrong. No that is not a type o. Yes, this problem is actually very easy to solve. Easier than you think. I remember as a math coach presenting a problem to a group of fifth graders. It was actually simple,… Continue reading Division of Whole Numbers Leading to Answers with Fractions


3D STEM Robot Challenge

*This post contains affiliated links I want my little ones to have chances to explore, be creative, and be problem solvers. With that in mind I’m trying to become very intentional about having a STEM type activity weekly. Yes, they can get messy. Yes, they take more time than you planned. But I know it… Continue reading 3D STEM Robot Challenge


Time Clip Cards

*This post contains affiliated links We’ve worked on time on and off through out the year. The math book that we use as a guide has slowly introduced time. It started off with just the hour, the next chapter we learned about 30 minutes, then the quarters, and finally we have reached five minute increments. I’ve… Continue reading Time Clip Cards


3D Shapes and FREE printable for Shape Hunt

*This post contains affiliated links This week, we finished up our unit on quadrilaterals and began to move into 3D shapes. To culminate our unit, we did a fun STEM project. My kiddos built a structure that had to have a kite, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, and square in it. This was quite a challenge,… Continue reading 3D Shapes and FREE printable for Shape Hunt