Recognizing Fractions Game

Want another game to have up your sleeve for when you are teaching fractions? Well you are in the right place.

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This game is very simple to prepare, and requires a little bit of strategy and fraction knowledge to win.

So how do you play??

To begin with grab your pattern blocks and free printable. Cut out the cards with the models of the fractions and spread them out on the table. Instruct the two students playing to choose which pattern block they want to be, and then grab four of those. You can roll a dice or have the children pick a number to decide who goes first.

The game is similar to tic-tac -toe with an exception. Each child chooses the spot they want to move too, but then they must find the fraction model that matches it.

N choosing the fraction that he needs!!

If they choose the correct fraction model they may place their pattern block on that fraction. If they choose the wrong fraction model, they must put their pattern block on that fraction. Obviously, if they are choosing the wrong fraction you will have to help them find the correct fraction on the board. But what a great way to discuss fractions and get some extra teaching time in too. The players continue taking turns until someone has three in a row or all the spaces are filled.


We are good at this!!! No winner this time.



Need other fraction activities?



A simple Cut and Paste activity

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Get the extend version of this game HERE with three different game boards and game pieces that work on equivalent fraction and fractions on a number line.

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Get the FREE version HERE.


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