Number Recognition and Expressions Calendar Pieces

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Another month has flown by, and April will be here tomorrow. We are looking forward to a couple of free days next week for spring break, and one special outing!!

As we hit the beginning of the month, I wanted t0 add another set of calendar pieces to the slowly growing collection.

I’ve been focusing on number recognition with my four year old, and wanted to continue reviewing this daily with him. If you have read other posts regarding calendar pieces you know this is a very quick way to review concepts quickly.

This month the calendar pieces have base ten blocks, tally marks, ten frames, and expressions.


So grab a math journal and colored pencils for each of your kiddos, and have some fun with these pieces.

To begin, discuss in detail the model they see, and ALL the color on the piece.

  • What number does it represent?
  • How did you figure it out?
  • What does this part of the model represent? (You  could point to one long, one cube, one ten frame, or one of the tally marks. The goal would to make sure they completely understand how they got to the number the model is representing.)
  • What is today’s background color? What day will it be this color again? Does this color follow the pattern? (The pattern is an AABB pattern with A representing blue and B representing pink.)
  • What is the color of the number? Why is it this color? (Mulitples of 2 are white, and multiples of 3 are yellow. Multiples of both 2, 3, and 6 are yellow and white. If you want to throw in a fun fact, you could also teach divisibility here.
    1. You know any number is divisible by two if it is an even number. An even number ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8.
    2. You know a number is divisible by three if you can add up the digits and that number is a multiple of 3. (21 is divisible by 3. 2 + 1 = 3 and 3 is a multiple of 3. 24 is also divisible by 3. 2 + 4 = 6 and 6 is a multiple of 3.
    3. You know a number is divisible by six if it is divisible by 2 and 3!!!
  • On the day you are working on the expression, ask them what they think the next number that the models will represent. The numbers represented are also multiples of 3. They start with 21 and end with 42. You can also continue to work on the multiples of two, three, and six with the models.
  • What is another way you can write an expression to represent this model? This question is so important as it allows children to decompose the numbers. Decomposing numbers allows children to see patterns, groupings, and even relationships in numbers. The better children understand basic numbers the better they will do when they begin addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Next, have them draw what they predict the next day will look like. There is so much to focus on with these calendar piece, and challenging the students to include all the details in the picture will strengthen their thinking skills.


Enjoy working on these important skills with your kiddos, and if you need more calendar pieces check out these posts.

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Or check out other number recognition activities from You’ve Got This.

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Bingo and Craft for Numbers 21 – 50

Download your FREE calendar pieces HERE. Make sure you have…

  1. pocket calendar
  2. card stock

 You’ve Got This

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3 thoughts on “Number Recognition and Expressions Calendar Pieces

  1. I have been trying to get a copy of Number Recognition and Expressions Calendar Cards and I can’t access them. I love them and am perfectly willing to purchase them, but can’t find them in your TPT store either. Are they still available. I downloaded the free coin cards, but when I click on the download for these, only the shape cards are available. Thanks


    1. I am so sorry. The link was wrong but now it is fixed. You should be able to download now with no problem. I hope you and enjoy them and thanks for letting me know about the problem!!!!!


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