Oh No, Fraction Man

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Have you ever played the game Old Maid? My mom found this game at a garage sale, and the boys have enjoyed playing it. As I watched them play this game, I couldn’t help but think how fun this game would be to review equivalent fractions.

The concept is very simple. You find pairs until one person is left with the old maid. Change it around a little, and you are finding equivalent fraction pairs. Be the one left holding the fraction man, and whoops, you loses the game.

I decided to focus on halves, thirds, and fourths, and each one has the fraction as well as a model of it. There are even number lines for halves and fourths.

While playing the game you can lay down two fractions that are equivalent, two pictures that model the same fraction, or a fraction a model that demonstrates that fraction. These pictures


FullSizeRender - Copy
This shows one way to make a match. Choose a model (in this case a number line) and a fraction to make a match.
Or you can choose two models. Both of these show 1/2.




Before playing the game, I would highly recommend doing a few equivalent fraction activities.

And other great extension options include…

Educational Insights F-R-A-N-G-O Equivalent Fractions

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