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PicMonkey Collage


March first is here, and to open up a new month I’m providing one more set of FREE calendar pieces. Here are a few other calendar pieces that are already up, and hopefully I will continue to add to the list as the months go by.

  1.  Coordinate System Calendar Pieces
  2. Multiplying Mixed Number Calendar Pieces
  3. Coin Pocket Calendar Pieces

We have left shapes, and I’m thrilled to be moving into our fraction unit. (Check back in next week for some of the activities we have done!)

I didn’t want to just drop shapes, and not review the names or characteristics for awhile. I thought this would be a great way for us to quickly review daily. I love calendar pieces for this. In less than 5 minutes I can review a concept, discuss patterns, and possibly teach multiples or skip counting.

These shape have an aa, bb, cc pattern. The a’s are 3D shapes, the b’s are quadrilaterals, and the c’s are polygons that are not quadrilaterals. The color of the calendar pieces follow an a, b, c, d pattern. Finally, my favorite part, the dates have different colors so we can discuss multiples. Multiples of 3 are blue, and multiples of 4 are red. If the number is a multiple of 3 and 4, then one digit is blue and the other red. I can’t wait to see if my boys can figure out which numbers have two colors!!!

I have to end with this picture. Our house recently sold, and we moved to a rental while we figure out where we want to be next. Since our goal is to be here a short amount of time, we have decided to not put stuff on the walls with the hope of getting our deposit back. I wasn’t sure where to put my pocket chart, and then decided my easel would work great.  My little girl decided this was a great spot too, just not for the same purpose I had in mind. She had a blast taking the calendar pieces in and out. Oh well, guess we will have to find a new spot or the pieces may not make it through the month!!



Want to get six activities for teaching quadrilaterals to go with your calendar pieces? You can purchase all of them here!!

PicMonkey Collage


Download your FREE calendar pieces HERE. Make sure you have…

  1. pocket calendar
  2. card stock

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