3D Shapes and FREE printable for Shape Hunt

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This week, we finished up our unit on quadrilaterals and began to move into 3D shapes. To culminate our unit, we did a fun STEM project. My kiddos built a structure that had to have a kite, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangle, and square in it. This was quite a challenge, but we had a blast doing it.

Quadrilateral STEM project

I also assessed my kiddos knowledge with these fun Quadrilateral clip cards. N (my six year old) was doing great remembering which shapes have none, one, or two parallel lines, and he even surprised me by remembering what a right angle is and which shapes have it. C (my four year old) was able to show me with the clip cards that he is able to recognize shapes and is getting where he understands that a square is always a parallelogram, rectangle, and rhombus.

Quadrilateral Clip Cards

After all that fun, we moved unto 3D shapes. There are so many great resources out there, that I used a lot of those.

We started off by using Learning with a Happy Heart’s printable book. C enjoys coloring so this was fun for him, and he even pulled it out later on in the week as a resource.

Making the 3D shapes with the Crafty Classrooms nets, were a big hit. and we finished off with this free printable from Price. It was interesting watching them try to count the edges, faces, and vertices.


One of the last activities we did was a shape hunt. I created place cards with the names of each shape and then we began searching the house. C decided to grab his book from earlier in the week, and used that help him find shapes. N just jumped right in. The rectangular prism and sphere column quickly filled up. I have three boys, so balls are not a scarcity item in our home.  It took a little more time, and a little “Why don’t you look in that area” to find cylinders and cubes. I found out that C was having a hard time distinguishing between the cubes and rectangular prism when it was presented like this. That was good to know.


We did fine a  trapezoidal prism. I had to look up exactly what that was called, but what a fun lesson for the boys.

Unfortunately,  we didn’t find any cones or pyramids in the house. If I do this again with the twins, I will make sure I purchase some birthday hats or Ice Cream cones before hand. We used our Magformers to create a pyramid since we couldn’t find that shape in the house either.


Overall what a lot of fun we had in math this week. Next week we are going to do a STEM project with 3D shapes (check in around Wednesday to see how that went) and try out a few more activities from Pinterest.

You can get my FREE place cards and follow questions HERE.

You can purchase all five quadrilateral lessons, plus three cut and paste printables not on my blog, here!

PicMonkey Collage

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