Quadrilateral Clip Cards

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Today wraps up my fifth post on quadrilaterals. I thoroughly enjoyed finding new ways to play with these four sided shapes.

You can purchase all five lessons, plus three cut and paste printables not on my blog, here!

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To finish our unit on quadrilateral, I created a fun, hand on assessment. I made 20 clip cards with all the quadrilaterals we have studied. At the bottom there were three characteristics or the names of shapes. My boys had the responsibility of putting clips on the characteristics or names that described the shape.

We had out our interactive notes and our chart to help, but I was amazed that N was able to do most of it on his own.


C worked just as hard, and has accomplished my goal for him. He is recognizing all the shapes now. I was surprised and thrilled to see that he is also beginning to understand that a square is always a rhombus, rectangle, parallelogram, and a quadrilateral.

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The clip cards are pretty self explanatory. Simply print them out on card stock, cut them out, provide clothes pins, and let your kiddos get to work. Some of the cards focus on characteristics. Does this shape have right angles, congruent lines, parallel lines, ect? Others focus on the name. Though these cards may seem simple, remember that a rectangle is always a parallelogram and a quadrilateral. If the card shows a rectangle and includes the words parallelogram, quadrilateral, and square, then your students should place a clip on the words parallelogram and quadrilateral. (Check out the chart we made and how we used it if you need a little more help with this.)

Would love to hear how your quadrilateral unit went! You’ve Got This!

Download your FREE clip cards HERE!!

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