Quadrilateral Family Tree Interactive Notebook

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Today, I’m excited to continue on our quadrilateral journey. We finished off last week doing quadrilateral art and graphing the numbers of quadrilaterals we used.

Today, we will be doing some more cutting and pasting as we make an interactive notebook with a quadrilateral family tree.

As I suggested in my last post, you may want to cut out the shapes. I allowed my 4 and 5 year old to cut them out, and what I had planned for the shapes to be was not what they turned out to be. The rest the students can cut out on their own 🙂

Begin by having the students cut on the solid lines of the boxes with the names of the shapes. Depending on where your students are, work out where they need to be glued on to the family tree. Obviously with my four and five year old, I told them where to put them. With 4th and 5th graders they may be able to figure out how to classify them if you ask the right questions!!



Secondly, glue the shapes on the correct box. As my children did this, we examined each shape. I had previously decided to focus on parallel lines and the length of lines. Again, if you are working with older children I would be discussing angles, congruent lines, ect.

Also it is important to remember that a square is always a parallelogram, rhombus, and rectangle. I instructed the boys to put a square under each of those names. The same is true for a rhombus and rectangle. Those shapes were also put in the parallelogram box. We then added squares to the rectangle box and the rhombus box, because you’ve got it, a square is always a rectangle and a rhombus. It is easy to see this by the arrows on the chart!!!


Once the shapes are glued on, head on to the descriptions of the shapes. I’ve included numerous rules, but you can modify it to your needs. With my little ones, I did not use any of the descriptions that had anything to do with angles. If you need a little help knowing with the classifications, check out this anchor chart by Mrs. Rathel’s Reef.


I enjoyed all the conversations we had about shapes with this activity, and I hope your students will grow in their understanding of quadrilaterals as they work through this!!

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