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The Fruit of the Spirit…Daily Devotional for Young Children

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We love AWANAS. I grew up in it, and when my children reach the age of two, we have excitedly put them in Puggles.

The children get to learn Bible verses while playing games, hear Bible stories, and making crafts. Each child is given a book with the Bible verses they need to learn. The verses are accompanied by stories that are in relation to the verse they are learning. Sometimes they are about fictional characters, and other times there are Bible stories. The Cubbies book has one fictional story and one biblical story weekly. I love the nights that we sit down and read their AWANA books. There has been so many wonderful conversations started though the reading!!

I only have one complaint. Though we can spend a week working on the verse, there really is only one day of activities to go with the verse. I love that one day when we read the story and then discuss the verse and what we learned. I just wish there was something for more days.

With that wish, came the idea for this post.

I’ve created five days of devotionals designed mainly for young children (pre-k through 2nd). For the first week, I’ve decided to start a study on the fruit of the spirit focusing on love. There is a verse about love to memorize, three Bible stories, and two fictional stories to read through with your child.

I’m hoping I can get week two done and posted in about a week, so if you enjoy these check back soon. You can also subscribe on the right hand side of the page to get emails when a new post is posted.

If you want to start singing about the Fruit of the Spirit, the Music Machine is a great one to listen too. My children love it, and request it often.


I also wanted to throw a shout out to Christian Clip Art. They graciously provide free Biblical clip art. You can check out their awesome work HERE.

The others came from My Cute Graphics and clker.com.

I can’t wait to hear how this goes with your children, and the conversations you are able to have with them.

Click HERE to get Week 1 – LOVE

You’ve Got This…but only with God’s help!!!

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